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Alpine Farms Bee Removal

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Honey Bees

Our specialty, we provide a quality honey bee removal service for both commercial and residential properties.


Africanized Bees

Africanized bee removal should only be preformed by professionals due to their dangerous nature. 


Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets are a common nuisance in South Florida. We remove the colony in it's entirety the first time.

Wasp Removal South Florida


We remove any types of paper wasps, red wasps, mud daubers, and more. Contact us for help today.

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Residential Bee Removal

A bee infestation in or around your home can become a huge problem fast. We treat your home as if it were our own with our services.

Indoor Bee Removal

Honey Bees can infest walls, soffit, and roofs. Contact us for a fast, free estimate to remove your indoor bee problem.

Commercial Bee Removal

We work with businesses and city properties to remove their bee problem providing a fast and safe bee removal solution for any size swarm or hive.

Outdoor Bee Removal

Swarms of bees are a common nuisance here in South Florida which can pose a major safety risk to you and your neighbors.

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Madame Bridal
2 weeks ago
Ronnie is a good man and gave me an honest price. I have a 2 story tall house in wellington. He went up the ladder...
Lindsey Gay
4 months ago
I call them at least once a week for my multifamily properties! They are always quick to respond and get someone out almost always within...
Alida Thorpe
10 months ago
Ron of Alpine Farms did a great job removing the bees, and the hive, from my attic. The roofing company that worked closely with him...
Barb Car
a year ago
Simply the best!! From the office to the field this company follows through. Bees are gone and they made the whole process affordable, effective and...
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What To Do If You Find Bees In Your Home

Here in South Florida, bees can be a problem. It’s just a fact of life for us. Don’t Panic, Assess The Situation If it’s an established colony, there could be tens of thousands of bees located within. Sure, you may only see a dozen or so at the entrance at any given time, but this…
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Bees In Soffits

How to Remove Bees From Soffits

Although Bees prefer to inhabit a more natural surrounding, sometimes they end up a little too close to your family. The soffits of your home are a perfect spot for bees to move in. These can be a difficult place to remove them, especially if it is a large colony. if you hear your roof…
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hire bee removal professionals

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Bee Removal Service

Unless your bee infestation is on a city-owned right of way, it is the responsibility of the property owner to deal with an unwanted swarm or colony of honey bees. The same applies to colonies of Yellow Jackets and other stinging insects. Your Options As A Property Owner When honey bees call your property home,…
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