Bee Infestation In House Walls

Are your walls buzzing with bees? What may seem like a small bee infestation in your house wall may actually be a huge problem.

hen you and your family sit down to enjoy dinner, the last thing you want is to hear a soft buzzing coming from the inside of your wall. Or even worse, to see bees inside your home when you can't seem to locate their entrance point. Alpine Farms is a fully licensed, insured, and certified bee removal service that is here to make sure your home is safe from these little insects.

My Walls Are Buzzing

If you are hearing a faint buzzing or humming noise coming from your walls, there is a huge chance that there is already a huge colony of bees living just inches from your family. Once a swarm of bees has set their sights on a new place to build a hive, it doesn't take them long to establish a thriving hive of busy bees. Within one week of moving in, bees can already have up to three pounds of honeycomb so, in two months time, you're up against thousands of bees. Most of the time, the buzzing is the loudest in the day time due to warmer temperatures. The rise in heat causes the bees to flap their wings very fast in order to cool the hive down, protecting their queen and her newly laid eggs.

Why Are There Bees In My Wall

When scout bees are looking for a new home, they need something that is away from natural predators, a place that is dry so that the honey doesn't spoil, somewhere warm and somewhere with easy access to food and water. The inside of the walls of your house are the perfect spot. They fit themselves through a tiny hole in the insulation or in gaps between the structure and from there, the queen starts laying eggs to replenish her colony.

Issues With Bees Living In your Walls

Aside from the noise that they give off, having bees in the lining of your home can lead to some very costly damages. Once they have found the perfect home, they will want to eventually expand which means they will find themselves in other hollow areas nearby. Attics, crawl spaces, electrical boxes, and water meters are all places that they will most likely go. Another major issue with a bee infestation in your walls is that the honey will attract other insects. Roaches, ants and various mites can very possibly follow pursuit in hopes of living off the delicious honey. Also, over time the hive can end up rotting the wood that it is attached to causing structural and dangerous damage.

What Do I Do About Bees In My Wall

Alpine Farms Bee Removal has been the neighborhood bee removal service for over 20 years and there is a good reason why! With a team that is fully certified, experienced and committed to providing the best service around you can rest easy knowing that they will keep your family safe. They also make sure that all of the bees, as well as the entire hive, are removed to prevent hive rot, unwanted hive scavengers or the return of bees.

Bee Removal For Southeast Florida

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