Bee Sting Tips

The kingdom of the bee is amazingly structured and very well organized. Typically, a bee stings you when it perceives you as an enemy invader into its territory. Expelling its own unique scent, the odor incites other bees to attack. All things being equal, it is always best to evacuate the premises immediately before any backup bees arrive.

Removing The Bee Stinger

The stinger removal process means getting rid of the stinger as soon as possible so as to lessen a potential allergic sting reaction. Generally, the longer a stinger remains embedded into the flesh or skin, the more likelihood of a serious reaction to the bee’s venom.

Minor Bee Stings

Typical after effects from a minor sting include swelling, redness and varying degrees of soreness or pain. Many times, a piece of ice is sufficient to arrest these resulting symptoms. In other cases, an antihistamine or calamine lotion is the way to go for non-critical stings. Another minor pain treatment includes taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen tablets.

Frequently, swelling is treated by simply applying an ice pack, but be certain to place a cloth towel between the surface of the skin and the ice. Observing carefully to not leave on skin for more than 20 minutes lessens the chance of developing minor to mild frostbite.

Serious Bee Stings

Incidents of people or pets being stung by more than 10 bees at a time are commonly reported by experts of bee removal in Stuart Florida companies. In cases where a person receives stings in the nose, mouth or throat areas, a fast trip to the ER becomes crucially important. Also, you need always be on guard for a developing crisis such as labored difficulty in breathing.

Notwithstanding, calling for bee removal in Stuart Florida experts is often the best strategy in dealing with resident or wandering bees. When called early enough, highly trained and experienced bee removal technicians are the first line of defense in an impending bee crisis.

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