COVID-19 Update

We wanted to share a little update for everyone who may need our services. Our technicians and office staff are well aware of current recommendations by local and federal governments in response to the COVID-19. We are taking every precaution to protect our employees and our customers.  Our family of technicians and office staff at Alpine…

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Anatomy of a Bee

The Anatomy of a Bee

Winter is almost over and Spring is right around the corner, that means you will be seeing a lot more of the furry fliers we all know and love: bees. They are friendly, productive and highly organized but aside from that, their physical appearance is something that still seems like a mystery to most people.…

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Who To Call For Bee Hive Removal?

Who to call for bee hive removal

When you hear a buzzing at your home or business, the last thing you want to do is wait. It’s a problem that will not fix itself and will only get worse with time. So when you have a bee problem, who do you call to remove it? You have a couple options. Bee Removal…

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How much does bee removal cost?

what to do if you find bees in your home

Honey Bees are known to establish colonies in attics, walls, crawl spaces, and bushes. With so many variables, it’s hard to estimate exactly how much a bee removal service will cost. Bees are crafty when it comes to finding a home. They can create a colony in the most impractical of places, and quickly. Before…

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How To Remove A Wasp Nest

Paper Wasp Removal Services

When the weather warms up here in Southeast Florida, the common stinging pests start building their nests. Unfortunately, parts of our homes make perfect places for them to call home and they always seem to setup shop in the most inconvenient places. Dry areas under awnings, patio furniture, eaves, and tree branches are all perfectly…

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What is Royal Jelly

what is royal jelly

Although bees are know for their amazing pollination and delicious honey, they bring more to the table than you might think. In addition to the sugary liquid gold we all love, they also produce something called Royal Jelly. Not only is is used to feed larva, it is the primary food source for young queens…

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The Best Yellow Jackets Sting Treatments

yellow jacket sting treatment

Often confused with bees, yellow jackets are actually a member of the wasp family. Although they are pollinators, which is great, a summer picnic is all but ruined once they come around to check out the scene. Like most insects, they love sugar. However, they truly are scavengers as they also eat meat and fish…

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Common Uses For Honey

There are over 20,000 different species of bees worldwide. Although not every bee produces honey, most of them do and the benefits of that liquid gold are limitless. Honey is made up of mostly sugar and very little water, so if stored properly, it will never expire. It also contains pollen and nectar collected from…

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5 Amazing Facts About Bees

Bees are one of the most fascinating insects on the planet. With over 20,000 different species, 4,000 of them residing in the U.S., there is a wide variety of knowledge we can learn from them. They help our gardens thrive, produce a delicious treat for everyone and signify that Winter is over and Spring had…

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