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Do you have bees in your trees?

Florida is home to hundreds of different tree species. Everything from majestic Live Oaks to smaller Sabal Palms are perfect places for a small swarm of bees to call home. If you are out in your yard and hear the trees humming as you pass by, call Alpine Farms and let them take care of what seems to be a bee infestation in your tree.

Trees Are A Great Place To Call Home

When bees outgrow their current hive, about half of them leave the colony, form a swarm and search for a new place to start building a bigger hive. A swarm is a tight cluster of bees and you can usually find them crowded around lower hanging branches. Sometimes, however, that branch might turn out to be a perfect place to set up a more permanent domicile. While they prefer to live on the inside of trees, they can still be found building a hive on the outside branches and this can prove to be pretty dangerous.

Never gamble with trying to remove the colony yourself. Always contact a professional bee removal service.

Issues With Beehives In Trees

When bees build their hive on tree branches, they typically look for little “warts” on the branches and use that as a starting hub. They get to work building a strong and safe hive quickly so that their queen will not only be safe but so she can get back to reproducing and do her part in making a thriving colony of pollinators. The issues with branch hives vary greatly. One of the main issues is that they blend in with the tree very well and sometimes you won’t see it until you’re too close for comfort. And while bees are pretty relaxed by nature, once they think their hive is in jeopardy, they go into attack mode to protect their queen, larvae and their precious honey supply. The last thing you want is to be playing an innocent game of catch with your family and the ball knock into an unseen beehive.

Hives Can Fall

Accidentally stumbling upon bees isn’t your only concern with a tree branch beehive. As the colony grows, so does the amount of space they take up and after a while, that ends up being a giant ball of wax and honey. Needless to say, it gets pretty heavy over time. For a large oak varietal, that might not be an issue but if they happened to accidentally chose a limb that was weak or already had some sort of structural damage, that means a heavy ball of bees is built on a weak limb and it’s only a matter of time before an infamous Florida thunderstorm sends it crashing to the ground. Or even worse, Hurricane winds could send it flying into surrounding areas making it a bee torpedo.

Keep Them In Check

As a homeowner, simple, routine checks every month are a great way to catch a new hive from getting out of control. If you see a surplus of bees flying to and from a tree in your yard or hear even the slightest “buzzing” noise, give the professional and certified team at Alpine Farms to come out and check to see if you have a thriving beehive hanging off of a tree branch in your yard. It doesn’t take the bees a long time to build a healthy hive, so you shouldn’t waste another minute without calling Alpine Farms!

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