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Bee Problems In Ft. Pierce?

The coastal city of Ft. Pierce, Florida has some of the most beautiful year-round tropical climate in the state. That means most of your time is spent outside soaking up the sun and enjoying the gorgeous natural landscape around you. Bees and wasps have the same idea and have no problem inviting themselves along with your family plans. Don't allow these pests to ruin a single sunny picnic and call Alpines Farms to exterminate the issue before it gets out of hand.

Personal Residence or Commercial Business, We Can Help!

If it's one thing we know, bees and wasps don't discriminate when trying to find a new spot to set up camp. A water meter is a perfect place to hide out whether it's in your backyard or next to your office. Don't put your family or employees in a dangerous situation and call our certified team to keep everyone safe this year!

Ft. Pierce Indoor Or Outdoor Bee Removal.

By the time you hear a soft buzz coming from your walls or tool shed, you've probably already got a huge dilemma at hand. The fact is: if they can fin their body into a small space, they can hollow it out to make room for the hive or nest and that means that practically everywhere is a suitable spot for them. this is when it's time to call Alpine farms to restore peace to your Ft. Pierce sanctuary.

Don't Get Duped By Promises Of Free Removal.

Many hobbyist beekeepers will post "free" removal services in hopes of removing a healthy queen for their own use. This means they do nothing in terms of actually removing the colony or hive. When abandoned, bees often swarm to relocated which means your family, pets, and neighbors are at a huge risk of getting stung. Leaving an empty hive behind leaves it open to be reused by a new colony or entices other insects to come around to feed off the leftovers. In over 50 years of dedication and service, you don't want that to become an issue.

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Based in Palm City, Florida, Alpine Farms Bee Removal serves all of Southeast, FL. Whether you have a small infestation of yellow jackets or have a large Africanized Bee Swarm, we're here to help.

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