How much does bee removal cost?

Honey Bees are known to establish colonies in attics, walls, crawl spaces, and bushes. With so many variables, it’s hard to estimate exactly how much a bee removal service will cost.

Bees are crafty when it comes to finding a home. They can create a colony in the most impractical of places, and quickly. Before you know it, a colony consisting of thousands of bees can be calling one of these spaces their home. When our customers contact us, “How much does bee removal cost?” is one of the most common questions we get. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer.

Indoor Bee Removal Costs

We commonly get calls from homeowners and business owners with bees infesting their walls or crawl spaces under a structure. The hardest part about properly moving bees from within these spaces is that we will usually have to cut into the wall or floor to access the entire colony. We provide a free estimate to our customers based on the size of the colony, and how established they are.

When we relocate or exterminate a colony from a space indoors, we make sure that there is nothing left for bees to come back to. The entire colony is removed, the space is cleaned, and any dead insects are properly disposed of. We also ensure that the access to the space is properly sealed, so future swarms can not establish a hive.

Outdoor Bee Removal Costs

Similar to indoor bee removal services, the outdoors pose their own set of challenges we have to overcome when relocating or exterminating a colony of bees. Most of the time, these exterior beehives are easy to access and promptly remove.

Avoid “Free Bee Removal”

When researching bee removal services, it’s always tempting to go with a free one. I mean, who doesn’t like free? The truth is, hiring one of these “professionals” could end up costing you a lot more for bee removal in the long run. Most people who offer a free service are unexperienced beekeepers and hobbyists. They are not licensed pest control operators and do not have insurance, leaving you liable if anything goes wrong on the job.

There is also the concern of proper cleanup. If the comb, wax, honey, or dead insects are not properly removed, they will start to decay and stink within your home. This will attract more unwanted pests.

The reason these folks offer free bee removal is that they’re usually looking to acquire bees for their apiary. In general, these types of bees are feral and are not worthy of raising for honey.

Don’t leave your bee problems and peace of mind to a hobbyist. Contact the professionals at Alpine Farms Bee Removal today. We offer competitive rates, helping you save big on the cost of bee removal.

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