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How to Remove Bees From Soffits

Although Bees prefer to inhabit a more natural surrounding, sometimes they end up a little too close to your family. The soffits of your home are a perfect spot for bees to move in. These can be a difficult place to remove them, especially if it is a large colony. if you hear your roof buzzing, contact Alpine Farms Bee Removal to take care of this pesky problem.

Why Do Bees Like Soffits

Bees require very little to call a space their home. They need somewhere that is dry, warm, close to the water and close to a reliable food source. While they typically end up in trees away from people, sometimes they set their sights on something more suburban. Another reason they could be getting into your home and yard as if they are swarming in an attempt to reproduce their currently existing hive somewhere nearby. The soffits around your home are found underneath the roof of your home, just below the gutters. They are also found under archways, balconies and any structure that hangs past the side of your home. They are used to insulate the underneath of the structure to make sure nothing damages the inside and because they are usually hollow in the inside, bees love to call them home.

Remove Bees From Soffits

How Do You Know If There Are Honey Bees In Your Soffits

If you are out in the yard and you hear a buzzing noise coming from any awning around your home, chances are, there are bees living inside. If you watch the area where you hear the buzzing sound, you will probably start to notice bees coming in and out as they collect food for their hungry queen. Even if you don’t see an opening, bees can fit into the tiniest of spaces and if you can hear them, there is probably already a healthy little hive on the other side of your soffit. This can lead to damage to your home as they continue to grow their numbers and take up more space to make honey and lay eggs. The real issue lies in the fact that bees can scout out a new home and transform it into a full-on hive in a very quick amount of time. This is because their queen has to get back to laying new eggs to make sure her colony is full and healthy.

Call Alpine Farms To Remove The Bees

The first thing you should do is contact Alpine Farms Bee Removal to come out and inspect the area. If you wait, the colony can only be expected to grow and relocate which means they will probably end up close by in places like your attic, insides the walls of your house or even down in the basement crawlspace. It’s best to let our certified team identify the problem as bees can become more active and aggressive when poked and prodded. Our team is 100% qualified to be safe, quick and effective in making sure that all of the bees, and their hive, is completely taken out of the soffit.

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