Killer Bee Removal

When you're in need of an Africanized Bee Removal, you count on Alpine Farms to take care of the risk, removing your bee problem and ensuring they never come back.

Killer Bee Removal

If your home or garden has been infested with a seemingly aggressive bees, they might not be the sweet little honey bees that we usually find in our garden. Killer bees are a much faster and dangerous hybrid and Alpine Farms can help you get rid of them.

What Is A Killer Bee

Killer bees, also know as "Africanized bees" were first introduced in the 1950's in Brazil. They were made in hopes of having a bee that could produce a larger amount honey in a small amount of time. Unfortunately, about 26 colonies of these little insects got lose and made their way all around South and North America, some ending up as far as Florida and Texas! The result is something that can actually be quite dangerous to your family and at the very first sight of one of these troublemakers, you should call Alpine Farms to make sure they are fully removed.

Killer Bee Behavior

At first glance, Killer Bees look just like their less aggressive European cousins. However, the main difference between them is that killer bees are much smaller. The best way of identifying them is by observing their behavior. Killer bees are easier to agitate and have a quicker reaction time, often times with very little patience. They guard their hive much more then a regular honey bee and usually have twice the amount of bees flying around to keep an eye out. Another thing they do is chase their victim for up to 300 feet in order to protect their hive. Another common characteristic is that, if provoked, they are known to evacuate the entire hive at once and form a huge swarm while looking for their next home. With their queen in tow, the entire colony is on a mission to protect her and don't take intruders or passers by lightly.

Where To Find Killer Bees
They love all of the same spots as the typical honey bee: inside hollow tree trunks, in the crawl space under your home, in attics, inside the walls of your home, in your shed, under the hood of a car and just about anywhere else that is warm, dry and close to water and a food source. They have also been know to set up at the base of trees and live inside the ground, which can be very dangerous if you accidentally walked right over the hive. Although they mostly scout and build their hives the same way as other bees, the Killer Bee has been known to infiltrate an existing hive, kill the queen and raise their very own queen, thus taking over the entire hive.

Call Alpine Farms

If you have found a killer bee swarm or colony on your property, please call Alpine Farms as soon as possible to avoid any of the dangers that come along with these little pests. Everyone at Alpine wants to help you rest easy knowing that you and your family can enjoy your yard without the fear of getting chased or stung this Summer.

Bee Removal For Southeast Florida

We provide Africanized Bee Removal for the following Southeast Florida Counties and Cities. Have a bee problem? Contact us today!

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