What To Do If You Find Bees In Your Home

Here in South Florida, bees can be a problem. It’s just a fact of life for us.

Don’t Panic, Assess The Situation

If it’s an established colony, there could be tens of thousands of bees located within. Sure, you may only see a dozen or so at the entrance at any given time, but this is not a good indicator of the total size of the colony. Attics, walls, soffits, crawlspaces, and just about any other cavity with a small opening are the perfect place for a colony of bees to call home.

Note the location of the entrance of the hive and keep your family and pets away from it.

If it’s a swarm of bees, contact us immediately. Swarms are identifiable as a large cluster of bees on an outside structure. This can be anything from fire hydrants and mailboxes to trees and under roof eaves. Swarms are generally harmless and usually continue moving, however, if they have found a place to colonize in your home, the problem will get much worse if you do not take action.

Do Not Attempt To Remove Them Yourself Or Provoke Them. Contact A Professional.

As mentioned earlier, there is no telling just how large the colony of bees can be without a professional assessment. While the opening to the colony may seem small or the number of individuals buzzing around it may seem few, you could prompt tens of thousands of bees to defend their hive.

This is a huge safety risk to you, your family, your pets, and your neighbors. It is always best to call a bee removal company and have the procedure performed by a professional.

Beyond Removing The Colony

Once the colony is removed, you have to consider the damage done within your walls or attic. There can be hundreds of pounds of comb and thousands of dead bees left after eradication or live bee removal. Over time, this will start to decay and attract other unwanted pests like roaches and beetles.

When we remove a colony, our team completely removes all leftover comb, honey, and insects—ensuring that you will not have any additional unwanted visitors. We also inspect your home and close off any potential entrances to other areas that may attract future bee infestations.

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