Bee Infestation Removal

Do you have a bee infestation in your home? Whether it's your roof, walls, attic, or soffits, our team of bee removal professionals is here to help.

Although bees are great to have in your garden, once they start living insides your home, things can escalate quickly. What starts out as a few bees hanging around small openings in your home can turn into a massive colony of bees slowly destroying the foundation of your house. Call Alpine Farms if you think you might be a victim of a bee infestation.

In Florida, there is no shortage of year-round gorgeous weather. It's warm and sunny and there are amazing lakes, rivers and creeks that provide plenty of fresh water. Florida also has a natural landscape that is full of wildflowers and tropical botanical plants that thrive all year. As amazing as it is for Florida residents, it is equally enticing for a healthy bee population.

As cities become more developed, bees and other insects unfortunately have to seek a new place to live and many times, that means that your home is on the market. Bees can fit into a space as small as 1/8 of an inch so any gaps around the structure of your home are perfect for them to crawl in, take a look around and then grab the rest of the colony to start working on making a safe home for their queen.

At first, you might not even know that there are busy little bees in between the crawlspace of your floors, in your walls, or up in the attic. When they are just getting started, their numbers are relatively low and seeing as bees are pretty easy-going, they only give off a slight "humming" noise. By the time you can actually hear your walls making any sort of noise, you have a very serious bee infestation and you need to seek professional help as soon as possible.

If a bee infestation is left for too long, major damage can be done to the structure of your home. The wax that the honeycomb is made of, in addition to the honey that it holds, can become very heavy. This puts a lot of extra pressure on the support beams and over time, the wood can absorb the honey making it weak.

Now, of course, this won't happen over night. It won't even happen over the span of a few months. But Once a colony has found a safe place, they stay put for a while. The queen replenishes the colonies numbers at a very fast rate and what starts out as a few thousand bees can become upwards of 80,000 bees in the span of about a year. And when the number of bees goes up, so does the amount of space they need. This drives them deeper into your home, filling any free space they can find.

Once a colony has gotten so big that you can hear their steady "hum", it's not unusual for the removal process to involve actually taking some of the structure of your home out to access the hive. This commonly happens when they have built their colony in the siding of your home. That's why you should NEVER enlist the help of "free" bee removal services.

Most of the time, damages done to your house via insect infestation are included in your homeowner's insurance. Don't become a victim of a voided insurance claim because you tried to go the cheapest route first. When the team at Alpine Farms comes out to remove your bee infestation, they have over 20 years of professional experience making sure things are done right the first time.

At Alpine Farms, they have seen it all and they can handle a bee infestation no matter how big or small. The last thing you want is to find yourself with a larger than life colony threatening your family.

By doing monthly inspections around your home you can either find possible entry holes and fix the problem or catch a new infestation right in the beginning and save yourself a huge headache in the future. Alpine Farms has got your back!

Bee Removal For Southeast Florida

We provide Africanized Bee Removal for the following Southeast Florida Counties and Cities. Have a bee problem? Contact us today!

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